Chatty Kidz

Started in 2013 by Ken Taggart, Chatty Kidz was born out of the need to create a meaningful connection with his family spread throughout the world, The result is an app that effectively turns iPad time into family time by giving a platform for families and communities to stay connected through content, education and video.

Kotsialos joined with Chatty Kidz in January 2014 ahead of it being selected to be part of the Telstra incubator Muru-D in February.

With Kotsialos background in publishing and technology, it was a perfect opportunity to combine these two areas in a practical way to help the start-up.

Working directly with the founder Kotsialos worked to grow downloads of the app and launch their first co-published work; ILF books, A project where Chatty Kidz and The Indigenous Literary Foundation teamed up to launch a simple, yet powerful app for reading with children.

There were a number of strong educational advantages for children.  These include helping with early reading skills plus exposure to print and reading behaviors, as well as building children’s confidence to read aloud and to develop important oral language skills.

The app also offered a very real way for communities and families to connect. For instance, younger siblings will be able to bond with their older brother or sister through shared story time or perhaps a grandparent living far away will read to their grandchild.

In May, we ended our day-to-day involvement as the focus of Chatty Kidz moved away from a book content platform to focus more directly on early education.

We still stay connected and continue to support the work they are doing.

How that app worked

Two people using the App to connect through video, a story is then shared and comes to life as pages are turned in real-time by both readers.  Words, colours and pictures are all sensitive to touch and highlighted when activated.  This widens the scope and educational opportunities for readers to interact and learn.