cuzin, Spiros Kotsialos currently holds the position of Chief Operating Officer at CUZIN.COM

CUZIN is your global shopping family. A social community worldwide who can leverage each other to discover and purchase the products they’re passionate about, and have them delivered to their doorstep.

Members post requests for any product they want from anywhere in the world. These might be products from online stores with restricted shipping, or unique items from specialist boutiques and clearances they can’t access. Their request is pushed to ‘cuzins’ best placed (geographically or commercially) to purchase the item on their behalf.

In addition to accepting a shopping request, any cuzin can instantly monetise being in the right place at the right time by snapping a picture of a product that’s on sale. Their offer is pushed to interested members worldwide based on the things they love. CUZIN facilitates the communication, payment and shipping door to door.

Curated social shopping like we’ve never seen it before. Online or offline.

Shopping. Shipping. Social. Sorted.

With the help of, Spiros works in partnership with the CEO Shaun Greenblo,  specifically managing operations, tech development, global shipping and logistics development and the implementation of marketing programs required to start and maintain the business.