Studies have shown that Xers are more likely to be individualistic, skeptical and understated.  Maybe this explains why Generation X – and the issues that interest us – can be so under represented in the media.

X is Here is the beginning of a change around this. This content rich platform is an online hub for Generation X – if there’s a Generation X perspective on any issue, it now has a home here.


Given our individualistic disposition, X’ers are likely to be disenfranchised online – despite having witnessed the digital revolution first-hand. We’re often disconnected in our lives – juggling our growing families, with shared work commitments and financial pressures – yet we don’t have a common ‘home’ to log into and feel understood.


Now we have a platform to share our experiences and take on the world. Collectively, we can be heard on a much larger scale.

Who knows where this amplified voice will take us? What matters is that we will be heard.

X is here.